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Parquet Modular Encryption at Strata Data Conference

Dr. Gidon Gershinsky from IBM will be discussing Parquet modular encryption developed in part through RestAssured in the upcoming Strata Data Conference, to be held in NYC, Sept. 23-26

The session is described as follows:

“Gidon Gershinsky explains the basics of the columnar encryption technology, its usage model, and an initial integration with analytic frameworks (e.g., Apache Spark). He details two use cases—one related to connected cars (location, speed, and other sensitive data), another to healthcare data processing (medical sensor records, managed by the increasingly popular HL7 Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard). And he explores the performance implications of applying modular encryption in analytic workloads.”

More information about the session and the conference can be found here.

Paper Presented at TrustBus Conference

During the TrustBus Conference on Trust, Privacy and Security in Digital Business, which took place from 26th to 29th of August in Linz (Austria), Mr. Jens Leicht from “paluno – The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology of the University of Duisburg-Essen” presented the paper entitled “Privacy Policy Specification Framework for Addressing End-Users’ Privacy Requirements”.


TrustBus is an international forum for researchers and practitioners from industry and academia from different disciplines, developers, and users to present and discuss their concerns in the domain of digital businesses regarding the lack of trust in electronic procedures and the extent to which information security and user privacy can be ensured.


The paper, co-authored by Dr. Nazila Gol Mohammadi, Jens Leicht, Dr. Nelufar Ulfat-Bunyadi, Prof. Maritta Heisel from paluno, presents the RestAssured approach for addressing users’ privacy preferences using privacy policies.


The paper is available here, and the presentation slides are available here.

RestAssured exhibited at the Big Data Value Association Summit 2019

RestAssured exhibited at the Big Data Value Association Summit in Riga this summer.

RestAssured is not part of the Big Data PPP, but its presence was timely. The conference opened with a session on privacy, but this was not a focus for any of the subsequent meetup groups.

RestAssured’s project overview video highlighted the need for a framework to protect personal data stored and processed in the cloud. Our demos of the Secure System Modeller tool for privacy ‘by design’ and Parquet encryption to protect sensitive data in online databases with minimal impact on performance showed that personal data can be shared with Big Data applications such as Pay as you Drive insurance without compromising fundamental rights.

Visitors to the stand were of course very interested in RestAssured components, which show the potential to fill important gaps in the Big Data technology space.

Patterns discussed at EuroPLoP 2019

paluno _ The Ruhr Institute for Software Technology of the University of Duisburg-Essen will discuss two pattern papers accepted for publication in EuroPloP 2019.

EuroPloP is the premier European conference on patterns that is peer-reviewed. The papers will be published in the ACM ICPS after discussion in the conference.

The conference will be held from 3rd – 7th July 2019 at Kloster Irsee, Bavaria, Germany.

The papers are co-authored by Nazila Gol Mohammadi, Angela Borchert, Julia Pamups, and Prof. Maritta Heisel. Each paper presents a pattern from the RestAssured project.

RestAssured: Secure Telematics Insurance – SYSTOR 2019

Building on IBM-led work adding encryption to Apache Parquet files, RestAssured ( has prototyped a secure infrastructure for an end-to-end, cloud-based, Pay-How-You-Drive insurance system. It offers the power of Apache Spark analytics while protecting the collected data and privacy rights of the participating drivers.

RestAssured will be presenting the following poster at the 12th ACM International Systems and Storage Conference (SYSTOR 2019) Jun 3 – 5.

Further details of the conference can be found at

RestAssured also presented at last year’s conference, read more here