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BDVA Position Paper on Data Protection

The Big Data Value Association (BDVA) published a position paper entitled “Data Protection in the era of Artificial Intelligence. Trends, existing solutions and recommendations for privacy-preserving technologies”. The paper summarises recent trends in the development of tools and technologies that facilitate secure and trustworthy data analytics and it provides recommendations based on the insights and […]

Parquet Modular Encryption at Strata Data Conference

Dr. Gidon Gershinsky from IBM will be discussing Parquet modular encryption developed in part through RestAssured in the upcoming Strata Data Conference, to be held in NYC, Sept. 23-26 The session is described as follows: “Gidon Gershinsky explains the basics of the columnar encryption technology, its usage model, and an initial integration with analytic frameworks […]

Can Parquet file encryption make you a safer driver?

“The last ten years have seen a dramatic rise in the wireless transmission and use of automotive sensor data — commonly known as “telematics”. UPS, an early pioneer in telematics for delivery fleet management, collects over 1.25 billion telematics records per week, and through analysis of this data, is able to save nearly one million gallons of […]

Where Health Data Ends and Personal Data Begins

“Last week, ProPublica published an interesting article (link) about how health insurers are using personal data to supplant a patient’s medical data in order to carry out a risk assessment of the individual and use this as a basis for determining, amongst other things, a risk score concerning the individual — ultimately deriving risk-adjusted pricing […]