Public Deliverables

D2.1 – Project Management and Quality Assurance Handbook

D3.1 – Initial High Level Architecture

D3.2 – First High-Level Architecture & Methodology

D3.3 – Final High Level Architecture & Methodology

D4.1 – Conceptual Foundation of the RestAssured Secured Enclave

D4.2 – WP4 2d Half Technical Report

D4.3 – RestAssured Secure Enclave Manual

D5.1 – Concept for End-User Privacy Policy Violation Detection

D5.2 – Concept for Privacy Compliance Restoring Reconfigurations

D5.3 – Integrated Approach for Enforcing End-User Privacy Policies across Third-party Cloud Infrastructures

D6.1 – Methodology for Decentralized Data lifecycle Management

D6.2 – Technical Concept for Communicating Policy Changes across RestAssured Secure Enclaves

D6.3 – Revised Methodology and Technical Concept for Decentralized Data Lifecycle Management

D7.1 – RestAssured Security and Privacy Engineering Methodology

D7.2 – Conceptual Foundation for the RestAssured Security and Privacy Engineering

D8.1 – First Validation Plan

D8.2 – First Validation Results

D8.3 – Final Validation Plan

D8.5 – RestAssured Roadmap

D9.2 – Impact Plan

D9.3 – First Impact and Innovation Management Summary Report

D9.4 – Final Impact and Innovation Management Summary Report

D9.5 – First RestAssured Handbook

D9.6 – Final RestAssured Handbook