The secure analytics platform used in RestAssured, and developed by partner organisation IBM Research, was presented at the ACM International Systems and Storage Conference (SYSTOR) in June 2018.

The accepted poster, “RestAssured: Securing Cloud Analytics”, which details the approach and the associated technologies such as Intel SGX, Apache Spark SQL and Opaque, has been published and can be read here. Below is an excerpt of the poster:

“Protecting sensitive business and personal information is a cornerstone requirement when enterprises and organizations move to the cloud. Many aspects of this requirement are already handled at various levels. Data-at-rest can be secured in cloud stores by encrypting it before persisting the data to storage, while data-in-flight is transmitted using protected channels such as TLS and HTTPS. Data-in-use, processed in cloud compute nodes, is the most vulnerable link in the end-to-end information flow, since the process memory can be accessed by malicious privileged software or system administrators.


Our team has designed and developed a framework for trust management in SGX enclaves that performs verification (remote attestation) of the enclave hardware and software components, and assists in trusted delivery of secrets (such as data encryption keys) to the enclaves.”

Additionally, the full list of accepted posters can be found on the SYSTOR site here.

The slide below was presented during the conference along side the official poster above:

RestAssured: Securing Cloud Analytics